Blaine has been moving audiences for more than a decade. Leaning on his corporate leadership and extreme life experiences, his messages inspire people to action, lead teams to achieve more and help make sense of the everyday chaos keeping us from stepping out of our head and into our dreams.


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Keynote Presentations

Blaine Superhero polaroidLiving Above The Noise  : Blaine takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster as he shares five powerful ways to live a life that goes beyond monotony, beyond ordinary.  His presentation weaves personal and anecdotal stories into a compelling message that is sure to inspire and propel the audience into action.  His delivery style leaves his audience laughing, dancing and cheering for more in their lives.   More than just conjecture, this message is full of powerful content to help attendees Live Above The Noise. (45-60 minutes)

Rekindle The Dream : More than a keynote, this presentation is a micro manifesto and a worldwide call to action. Your dreams should be passionate. They should be larger than life. But most importantly – they should be chased!  Are you ready for that next step? If so, Rekindle The Dream is a  program based upon the principles gathered over a lifetime of adventure and experience. There is a growing epidemic of “Generational Dream Poverty” happening in today’s society.  With laser-like focus on your dreams, Blaine transforms lives, helps shed decades of programming and leave you with proven tools to achieve your dreams – whatever they are!   Rekindle The Dream – It’s waiting for you! (45 minutes)

Winning Teams : Blaine brings a lifetime of experience to bear in this presentation on Winning Teams.  From success in sports to managing corporate organizations that spanned the globe for Cisco Systems to surviving hurricanes at sea on small boats, Blaine knows what it takes to have a winning team, how to form them, refocus them and deliver them to a place where they achieve more than anyone thought possible.  His words don’t come from management books gathering dusts on shelves – he has been a key player or in major leadership roles on winning teams his entire life.  And he can create Winning Teams in your organization.  (45 minutes w/strong breakouts when time is available)

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