Dream Building Enterprises offers several standard workshops or can customize the content to meet the needs of your organization or business.  A brief description for each is listed below.


C.R.A.S.H. Course For Achieving Miracles
Designed for individuals and small groups, the C.R.A.S.H. Course delivers a 5-step approach to achieving more from our goal setting.  This course challenges the SMART goal idea and creates powerful motivation and effective techniques for achieving goals of any size.  The bigger the goal, the better. (6 hour workshop)

Rekindle The Dream
The target audience for this workshop is individuals looking for more in their life or small groups/businesses that are looking for creative answers to achieving better results.  This workshop focuses on the idea that you can achieve your dreams – whatever they are.  We work to break the ‘generational dream poverty’ cycle and give concrete action steps to reconnect with our creative self and to literally Rekindle The Dream.  (3 hour workshop or 6 hour workshop w/breakout sessions)


Transform Your Business With Two Words
Designed for small business owners but also very effective for sales team training.  This workshop focuses on creating a compelling message that resonates with existing and potential customers to produce customer loyalty, community recognition and increased sales. (3 hour seminar or 5 hour workshop w/breakout sessions)

Turning Ideas Into Cash
Entrepreneurs: Do you have ideas that are sitting idle?  How many times do we have these great ideas that simply die in our heads because we don’t know how to either fund them, or turn them into cash flow?  Not everyone is cut out to do their own thing, but a majority of people would rather produce their own dreams rather than create a dream life for their boss from a cookie-cutter cubicle.  This workshop is for those who want fresh ways to monetize their talents.  (Webinar/Seminar – 1 hour. Full Workshop w/breakout sessions 4 hours)

Putting Profit Back In The Non-Profit
Designed for the non-profit community.  Non-profit is a tax status, not a business plan.  This workshop shakes up the norm with non-profits and produces new funding and messaging campaigns for any non-profit.  Get away from the old yard-sale and collection plate philosophies.  See how the next generation of non-profits with provide the funds to meet the needs of the communities they serve.  (4 hour workshop – 8 hour workshop w/breakout sessions)

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